Wastewater Treatment Plant

Jerry Stephens, Senior Operator

Phone: (530) 527-1292

WWRP: Staffing at the WWRP consists of a Senior Operator - Jerry Stephens, and two Treatment Plant Operators - Brian Deveraux and Bill Wilson. The treatment plant has a design capacity of 2,500,000 gallons per day and currently treats about 1,400,000 gallons per day in dry weather. The plant staff is responsible for maintaining and repairing all equipment, landscaping and general housekeeping in addition to making adjustments to plant operations. They also operate a certified laboratory on site to perform compliance monitoring along with testing water samples for the Water Department. All the operators at the WWRP must have certification from the State Water Resources Control Board. The WWRP underwent an expansion in 1998. Another expansion will probably be needed within the next 10 years to handle projected growth in the city and adjacent county areas.

Jerry Stevens
Bill Wilson
Brandon Connolly
Kyle Robbins
Tina Kuhl