Wastewater Collections

Dusty Brown, Supervisor

Phone: (530) 527-4300 ext. 3

The Wastewater Division at the City of Red Bluff is responsible for treating all the wastewater collected in the city along with maintaining the infrastructure necessary to collect and transport sewage to the wastewater reclamation plant. The division is divided into two departments:

  1. Wastewater Reclamation Plant is now operated by Inframark Water Infrastructure Operations
  2. Sewer Collections Maintenance Department

Sewer Collections: The Collections staff consists of a Supervisor, a Lead Worker, one Senior Maintenance Workers, and three Maintenance Workers. The collections staff is responsible for maintenance and repair of over 60 miles of sewer and 14 sewage lift stations. The staff participates in the voluntary certification program offered by the California Water Environment Association. The types of work performed consist of rodding and flushing sewer lines along with TV inspection of lines to locate areas that need repair or to precisely locate underground connections. Pump stations receive regular inspections.

Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Plan

Water Quality Monitoring Plan and Overflow Emergency Response Plan