Surveys / Map Check / GIS


  • Horizontal and Vertical Control for the City - Geodetic Control
  • Construction Staking/Inspection of Public Works Improvement Projects
  • Preliminary Design - topographic surveys and aerial mapping control
  • Creation of exhibit drawings and legal descriptions
  • Land title research
  • Determination of property boundary and rights of way
  • Performing surveys of City-owned parcels and right of ways
  • Map check all final maps, parcel maps and legal descriptions processed within the City
  • GIS mapping/GIS data

Vinnie Pagnano

Assistant Engineer
Phone: 530-527-2605 ext 3054


  • Encroachment Permits for Sidewalk lifts
  • Construction Staking/Inspection for Sidewalk Encroachment Permits
  • Creation of exhibit drawings
  • Land title research
  • GIS mapping/GIS data