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Mike Skelton, Roads Department Supervisor
Phone: (530) 527-4300 ext. 1

The City of Red Bluff Street Department is responsible for the maintenance of 130 lane miles of Roads, 630 Acres at the Red Bluff Airport and all of the Airport Facilities. They are also responsible for the maintenance of City Hall and all of the City's Storm Drain Facilities. The Department is responsible for pruning and removal of trees in the City's Right of Way. The Street Department responds to removal of storm damage/debris in the Cities Right of Way and emergency response to flood related problems in the Right of Way. The Street Department assists homeowners in removal of sidewalk lifts, tree root removal and damaged curb & gutter. AC paving of alleys and street repairs are performed by the Street Department. The Street Department consists of an electrician, a leadworker, two Senior Maintenance Workers and two Maintenance Workers.