Land Division & Engineering Design Standards

The City of Red Bluff presents these Standard Specifications and Details in an effort to improve clarity and consistency in the development, design, construction and operation of public and private facilities. These Standards establish minimum requirements and serve as mandatory guidance, ensuring equitable application of ordinances, rules and regulations as they impact city-wide infrastructure.  Developers and designers shall review the current applicable sections on Design Standards, Standard Details, and Materials and Construction Methods to ensure City requirements are addressed and incorporated in all applicable projects.  As you utilize this guidance, we would greatly appreciate your comments as we strive to continuously improve its clarity and functionality. Thank you for your contribution to our community through your project endeavors. 

At the City's professional discretion, these minimum standards may be modified at any time when the criteria or methods do not appear to be in the best interest of the City or as new techniques are developed. On a case-by-case basis, and for sound engineering reasons, designers and consulting engineers may request minor modifications to these standards by written request to the Technical Advisory Committee. In the case of a modification the decision of the Technical Advisory Committee and Building / Planning Department shall be final. 

Situations not covered by these Standards shall be in accordance with the latest editions of the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (Green Book) and the accompanying Standard Plans for Public Works Construction, City of Red Bluff General Plan Elements, Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances, or as directed by the Technical Advisory Committee.

The following is the complete Land Division & Engineering Design Standards manual. These standards may be updated periodically. It would be best to reference the following link for current information and applicable standards.

Land Division and Engineering Design Standards